Candidate Referral Form


The Candidate Referral Form allows current employees or external partners to refer potential candidates for open positions within the company. This form helps streamline the referral process and ensures that referred candidates are considered for relevant job opportunities.

How to Use the Candidate Referral Form

  1. Accessing the Form

    • Navigate to the Candidate Referral Form, which can be found on the Jobs page.

    • Click on the "Candidate Referral Form" link on the Career Site options. This will open the referral form page.

Filling Out the Form

  • Referrer Contact Details:

    • First Name: Enter your first name.

    • Last Name: Enter your last name.

    • Email: Provide your email address.

    • Referral Letter: Optionally, write a referral letter explaining why you are recommending the candidate.

  • Referred Candidate Details:

    • Resume (Attachment): Upload the candidate's resume.

  • Additional Questions:

    • Answer any specific questions related to the referral or the candidate.

  1. Submitting the Referral

    • Review all the information you have entered to ensure it is correct.

    • Click the "Submit" button to complete the referral process.

Note: Worklife Recruit will receive the referral. The candidate will be created and a tag with the name of the referrer will be automatically created. This will help with filtering or searching for candidates.

Benefits of Using the Candidate Referral Form

  • Streamlined Process: Makes it easy for referrers to submit candidate recommendations quickly and efficiently.

  • Expanded Talent Pool: Taps into the networks of current employees and partners to find high-quality candidates.

  • Efficient Evaluation: Provides hiring managers with detailed information to facilitate the evaluation of referred candidates.

Using the Candidate Referral Form helps streamline the referral process, enhancing your company's ability to attract and evaluate top talent through trusted recommendations.

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