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In Worklife Recruit, you can search for all candidates in your account using the search input box located in the application's top navigation bar.

Search Functionality in Worklife Recruit

The latest enhancements in our search functionality include:

  • Automatic Bilingual Search: Simultaneously search resumes in both local language and English.

  • Highlight Unseen Candidates: Mark candidates that have not been viewed in the search results.

  • Highlight Search Terms: Emphasize search terms within the candidate's profile.

  • Improved Result Relevance: Enhancements to the relevance of search results.

Candidate Database unread applications

In the candidate list, profiles that have not been viewed are now highlighted with a different color. This allowing each user to see which profiles they haven't viewed yet.

Automatic Language Conversion

The search field can automatically translate search terms between Greek and English. For example, if you search for the term "ΛΟΓΙΣΤΗΣ" (Accountant in Greek) and click on the "expand query to secondary language" option, the search criteria will automatically be converted to "ΛΟΓΙΣΤΗΣ OR ACCOUNTANT".

Highlighting Search Criteria in Candidate Profiles

The application also marks the search terms within the candidate's profile. This allows you to immediately see where and how often the search criteria appear. In the example below, the search was conducted using the term "marketing."

Highlighting Unread Applications

Beyond highlighting within the search results, the application also marks unread candidate applications. This feature helps you easily identify candidates whose profiles you haven't yet reviewed, ensuring no potential candidate is overlooked.

Search tips

  • Basic Search: By default all words must be present in the candidate's resume. For example a search for "web developer" will return results that contain both "web" and "developer".

  • Using OR Operator: Search for either words using the OR operator. For example "php OR java" will return results that contain either "php" or "java".

  • Excluding Words: Exclude specific words using the - operator. For example "shipping -sales" will return results that contain the word "shipping" but do not include the word "sales".

  • Complex Boolean Expressions: Use complex boolean expressions for advanced searches. For example "software AND (developer OR engineer)" will return results that contain the word "software" and either "developer" or "engineer".

  • Phrase Search: Search for an exact phrase by using quotation marks. For example "web developer" will return results that contain this exact phrase.

  • Proximity Search: Search for words that are near each other using the tilde (~) operator. For example, '"board member"~3' will return results that contain both words within a maximum distance of 3 words. This is useful for finding variations like "board member" or "member of the board".

By using these search tips in Worklife Recruit, you can refine your candidate searches to find the most relevant resumes quickly and efficiently.

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