Invite candidate to a video interview

You can invite a candidate to a video interview by clicking the respective button at the top of the Candidate view, as shown below:

You need to fill the following information:

  • Email: Enter the recipient's email. The default value of the field is the candidate's email that appears in his/her resume, but you can change it.

  • Video interview: Select one of the video interviews you have previously created. You can create a video interview at the Manage video interviews screen.

  • Language: Select the user interface language of the video interview. This setting has no effect on the language of the video interview itself.

  • Answer deadline: Select or enter the deadline date for the candidate to complete the video interview. The date is inclusive, meaning that the candidate can complete the interview on this date.

  • BCC myself: Check this box to receive a copy of the invitation. It will be send to the email you used to register to SmartCV as a user.

  • Notify me: Check this box to receive a notification email when the video interview is completed by the candidate. The notification email will include a direct link to the completed interview.

Click on the Send button to send the invitation. The candidate's timeline will immediately be updated with this action.

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