Create a new job

You may create a new job by clicking Jobs -> Create job.
You need to fill the following information about the job:
  • Organization, by selecting from a list of the organizations you have defined. One organization is auatomatically created during signup. Only visible when more than one organizations exist.
  • Job title
  • Department, by selecting from a list of predefined departments. You can customize the list of the departments at the Application settings page.
  • Country, by selecting from a list of all countries in the world.
  • Area, by selecting from a list of all available areas for a specific country. You may search for a particular area by typing some letters in the Area combo menu.
  • Exact address, you may optionally input the exact postal address of the job location in order to calculate the distance of each candidate from the job location more accurately. The exact address is for internal use only and is not publicly displayed at the career site.
  • Remote job, check the relevant checkbox if the job is remote.
  • Job description, the following formatting options are available: bold, italic, anchor links, unordered & ordered lists.
In case of hiring teams you may assign the specific jobs to one or more members of the team by checking the relevant member name.
If you have already created questions you may select those you want to add to the job's application form by checking them. You can create, edit or delete a question at the Manage questions page.