Manage consents

SmartCV is compliant with the european General Data Protection Regulation framework (GDPR) and additionally it offers the capability of customizable consents. What’s the value? You may want to ask candidates for their permission to send them promotional material like newsletters or relevant job offers.

This is an example of adding 3 consents to the application form:

How to create consents?

Click on the following:

  1. Settings⚙️

  2. manage consents

3. Create consent

The following fields appears on the form:

  1. Internal name, A unique name that is used for internal purposes only

  2. Filter label, A name to be used as a filter criteria

  3. Organization, The name of the organization that you wish to include the consent in its career site

  4. Status, Active or Inactive

  5. Consent is mandatory

  6. Appears, Everywhere, General admissions, Open jobs only

  7. Consent text, The text you wish to be displayed

  8. Retention, The time frame you want this consent to be valid

  9. Rank, Rank allows you to adjust the sequence of the displaying consents

In the end the consent will be visible to the application form:

At the bottom of candidate’s profile page, you’ll be able to check their consents

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