Manage Organization


The Manage Organization section allows you to configure and customize your Career Site. This section provides options to edit various aspects of your Career Site to ensure it accurately reflects your company's brand and policies.

How to Use

  1. Access Manage Organization

    • Navigate to the Manage Organization section in your Worklife Recruit.

  2. Edit Information

    • Click the edit option next to each setting you wish to update.

    • Make the necessary changes in the provided fields or upload required files.

  3. Save Changes

    • After editing, review the changes and click the "Save Changes" button to apply them.

Editing Options

  1. Organization Name

    • Fill in the company name..

  2. Career Status

    • Toggle the status of your Career Site between active and inactive.

  3. Career Site Address

    • Specify the URL for your Career Site. It will appear as[site address]

  4. Company Logo

    • Upload an image file to display your company's logo.

  5. Corporate Website Address

    • Provide the URL for your main corporate website.

  6. Career Site Language

    • Select the language for your Career Site to cater to your audience.

  7. General Submission Job Link

    • Enter the link where candidates can submit their resumes for general consideration.

  8. Jobs Grouping

    • Organize job listings into groups for easier navigation and better user experience.

  9. Company Profile

    • Write or update the company profile that appears on the Career Site.

GDPR Settings section

Configure settings to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.

  1. Privacy Policy

    • Include your company's privacy policy to inform candidates how their data will be used.

  2. Terms Acceptance Checkbox

    • Add a checkbox that candidates must select to accept your terms before submitting an application.

  3. External Link

    • Provide an additional link, such as a link to company privacy policy.

  4. Auto-Reply Email for Successful Submission

    • Set up an automated email response that candidates will receive upon successfully submitting an application.

Save Changes Button

  • Once all desired changes are made, click this button to save and apply them to your Career Site.

Tips for Effective Configuration

  • Consistency: Ensure that all information and visual elements are consistent with your overall brand.

  • Compliance: Regularly update GDPR and privacy policy settings to stay compliant with current regulations.

  • User Experience: Organize job listings and provide clear navigation to enhance the user experience for candidates.

  • Regular Updates: Keep the information, especially open positions and company profile, up-to-date to provide accurate and relevant information to job seekers.

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