Create a Job Description with AI Assistance

You can utilize AI assistance to create a job description. Simply provide the job title, define the writing style, and select the language.

When you create a new Job on the description you can choose from your templates or create an AI assistance.

By clicking on Create with AI the windows of AI assistance pop-ups.

  1. Provide Job Title:

    • Use the title you have provide or start by entering the title of the job position for which you want to create a description.

  2. Define Writing Style:

    • Choose the desired writing style for the job description, such as formal or casual.

  3. Select Language:

    • Specify the language in which you want the job description to be generated.

  4. Generate with AI Assistance:

    • After defining the job title, writing style, and language, by clicking on Generate the AI assistance process.

  5. Review and Edit:

    • Review the job description generated by the AI.

    • Make any necessary edits or refinements to ensure the description aligns with your organization's requirements.

  6. Insert:

    • Once satisfied with the job description, insert the job description into.

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