Manage interview kits

Having difficulties comparing candidates’ answers? With Worklife Recruit you have a structure at hand - ask candidates the same questions, score their answers on a scale, and add your notes instantly.

How to create an interview kit?

Click on the following:

  1. Settings⚙️

  2. Manage interview kits

  1. Create interview kit

Name the interview kit

1.Save changes

2. Click on the interview kit’s name you just created

3. Start creating questions

How to link an interview kit to a newly created or existent job?

Either you’re creating a new job or you’re editing an existing one, you’ll find the interview kit section at the bottom of the job page. Simply select the interview kit from the drop down menu.

Afterwards, you’ll find in each candidate’s profile the 3 stars icon and when you’ll click on it you’ll be able to see the interview kit.

Take notes instantly and score the candidate's answers.

In case you want to work collaboratively, your colleagues will need to follow the same process, scoring candidate’s answers, and in the end you’ll be able to check the average score, get an overview as well as detailed notes of all people involved. This information will be displayed on the candidate's profile.

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