Analytics Tab

Viewing and Utilizing Job Analytics

The Analytics tab provides comprehensive insights into the specific job you are managing. Here's how to access and interpret the data available:

  1. Navigate to the Analytics Tab:

    • Log in to your Worklife Recruit account.

    • Go to the job profile for which you want to view analytics.

    • Click on the Analytics tab.

  2. View Total Candidates:

    • Total Candidates: The total number of candidates who have applied for the job.

    • Today: The number of candidates who applied today.

    • Yesterday: The number of candidates who applied yesterday.

    • Last 7 Days: The number of candidates who applied in the last seven days

  3. Analyze Sources:

    • Channels: View the different channels through which candidates applied (e.g., job boards, company website).

    • Sources: Detailed breakdown of sources.

    • Avg Match Score per Source: The average match score of candidates from each source.

  4. Examine Demographics:

    • Country: Distribution of candidates by country.

    • Area: Distribution of candidates by area within a country.

    • Gender: Gender distribution of candidates.

  5. Profile Insights:

    • Work Experience Duration: Average duration of work experience among candidates.

    • Management Experience Duration: Average duration of management experience among candidates.

    • Employment Status: Current employment status of candidates (e.g., employed, unemployed).

    • Seniority Level: Seniority level of candidates (e.g., junior, mid-level, senior).

    • Management Level: Management level of candidates (e.g., team lead, manager, director).

    • Degree Type: Types of degrees held by candidates.

    • Languages: Languages spoken by candidates. Note that percentages may exceed 100% as candidates can speak multiple languages.

  6. Evaluate Skills:

    • Skills: Distribution of various skills among candidates.

  7. Review Answers:

    • Evaluate candidate answers to specific job-related questions.

  8. Activity Monitoring:

    • Events Count by Type: Number of different types of events related to the job (e.g., interviews scheduled, resumes reviewed).

    • Count of Events by User: Number of events performed by each user.

Clickable Analytics Bars

Interactive Data:

  • Some of the bars in the analytics charts are clickable. Clicking on these bars will navigate you to a filtered candidate page, showing the candidates relevant to the selected metric.

  • For example, click on the Excel bar

  • Job Filter candidates Tab

Example Use Cases

  • Identifying Effective Sources:

    • Determine which channels or sources provide the highest quality candidates based on average match scores.

  • Demographic Insights:

    • Adjust recruitment strategies based on the demographic data of applicants.

  • Skill Analysis:

    • Ensure candidates possess the necessary skills for the job by analyzing the skills distribution.

  • Activity Tracking:

    • Keep track of recruitment activities by monitoring event counts and user interactions.

Benefits of Job Analytics

  • Comprehensive Overview:

    • Gain a full understanding of candidate demographics, sources, and profiles.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making:

    • Use data to make informed decisions about sourcing and candidate selection.

  • Performance Tracking:

    • Monitor the performance of job postings and recruitment campaigns.

  • Team Insights:

    • Understand team activity and distribution of recruitment efforts.

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