Viewing Unread Applications

Viewing Unread Applications for Each User

In Worklife Recruit, you can easily view unread applications from candidates, tailored specifically for each user. This feature helps ensure that every team member stays up-to-date with their assigned job applications.

How to View Unread Applications

  1. Navigate to the Applications Section:

    • Log in to your Worklife Recruit account.

    • You can see the unread applications on the home page.

  2. Filter the unread applications:

    • Navigate to a job where there are unread applications.

    • Click on the unread options on the pipe line to select the specific unread applications.

    • This will display only the applications that have not been read by the logged-in user.

  3. View Unread Applications:

    • The filtered list will show all the unread applications for the logged-in user.

    • Click on any application to open and review the candidate's details.


  • Improved Organization:

    • Each user of your team at Worklife Recruit can quickly access their unread applications, ensuring no candidate goes unnoticed.

  • Enhanced Efficiency:

    • Streamlined access to unread applications helps users prioritize and manage their workload effectively.

  • Better Collaboration:

    • Team members can stay updated on their specific responsibilities without overlapping with others, fostering clearer communication and collaboration.

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