Activity Tab

Viewing and Filtering Activity History for a Candidate

In the Activity Job tab, you have access to the complete candidate activity history for a specific Job.

Here's how you can utilize this feature effectively:

  1. Navigate to the Activity Tab:

    • Log in to your Worklife Recruit account.

    • Go to the job you want to view the activity history.

    • Click on the Activity tab.

  2. View Activity History:

    • The activity tab displays a chronological list of all activities related to the candidates in the specific Job.

  3. Filter by Event:

    • Click on the Event dropdown list.

    • Select the specific event type you want to filter by (e.g. Move candidate to another stage, Resume upload, Rating candidate).

  4. Filter by User:

    • Click on the Users dropdown list.

    • Select the specific user whose activities you want to view.

  5. Include Candidate Views:

    • Check the option to Include Candidate Views to see when other team members have viewed the candidate's profile.

  6. Explore Activity History:

    • Click on Run button to apply filters.

    • Browse through the filtered list to explore the activity history for the candidates.

    • This history provides insights into all interactions and changes related to the candidates.

Example Use Case

  • Filter to Find Specific Actions:

    • If you need to find out who move the candidates to another stage, filter by the "Move candidate to another stage" event and the specific user.

  • Monitor Candidate Views:

    • By including candidate views, you can see which team members have recently viewed the candidate’s profile, ensuring everyone is informed and up-to-date.

Benefits of the Job Activity Tab

  • Comprehensive Overview:

    • The job activity tab gives you a complete overview of all actions taken on a candidate’s profile.

  • Enhanced Tracking:

    • Easily track and monitor specific events and user interactions with the candidates.

  • Efficient Collaboration:

    • Facilitates better team collaboration by providing transparency on candidates interactions.

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