Sending a Bryq Test to a Candidate

Sending a Bryq Test to a Candidate

Worklife Recruit allows you to easily send Bryq assessments to candidates. Follow the steps below to send a Bryq test to a candidate, ensuring a seamless and efficient evaluation process. Ensure you have activated the Bryq test integration before proceeding.

How to Send a Bryq Test to a Candidate

  1. Navigate to the Job or Candidates Page:

    • Log in to your Worklife Recruit account.

    • Navigate to the Jobs page and select the specific job listing, or go directly to the Candidates page.

  2. Find the Candidate:

    • Locate the candidate you want to send the Bryq test to. You can use the search or filter options to find the candidate quickly.

  3. Access More Options:

    • Click on the More Options button (usually represented by three dots) next to the candidate’s name.

  4. Select "Send Bryq Assessment":

    • From the dropdown menu, select the Send Bryq Assessment option.

  5. Choose the Test:

    • A dialog box will appear, prompting you to select the specific Bryq test you want the candidate to complete.

    • Choose the appropriate test from the list.

  6. Send the Test:

    • Click the Send button to send the Bryq test to the candidate.

  7. Candidate Notification:

    • The candidate will receive an email notification with the Bryq test and instructions on how to complete it.

  8. Review Results:

    • Once the candidate completes the test, the results will be available in their profile.

    • Navigate to the candidate’s profile to review the Bryq assessment results.

Benefits of Using Bryq Assessments

  • Efficient Evaluation: Streamline your candidate assessment process with automated Bryq tests.

  • Objective Insights: Gain objective insights into candidate capabilities and fit for the role.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Make informed hiring decisions based on comprehensive assessment data.

By integrating Bryq tests into your recruitment workflow, you can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your candidate evaluations, leading to better hiring outcomes.

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