Bulk Actions


The "Bulk Actions" feature on the application page allows you to efficiently manage multiple candidates at once. This tool is designed to save time and streamline your workflow by enabling you to perform actions on several candidates simultaneously.

To access and use the Bulk Action

Viewing Applicants

  • Navigate to the application page where you can view and manage all applicants for the job.

Selecting Candidates

  • From the left side list, select one or more candidates by checking the boxes next to their names.

Available Bulk Actions

Once candidates are selected, the bulk action button appears and you can choose from the following actions:

  1. Send Email:

    • Compose and send an email to the selected candidates.

  2. Move Candidate to Another Stage:

    • Change the application stage for the selected candidates, such as moving them from "Interview" to "Offer".

  3. Copy/Move Candidate to Job:

    • Copy or transfer the selected candidates to a different job listing.

  4. Download Resumes:

    • Download the resumes of the selected candidates as a zip file with the selected resumes.

  5. Send Bryq Assessment:

    • Send a Bryq assessment to the selected candidates to evaluate their skills and compatibility.

Tips for Using Bulk Actions

  • Efficiency: Use bulk actions to handle repetitive tasks quickly, reducing manual effort and time.

  • Communication: Keep candidates informed and engaged by sending timely and personalized emails.

  • Organization: Maintain a structured recruitment process by moving candidates to appropriate stages as they progress.

  • Documentation: Ensure you have all necessary candidate information by downloading resumes.

  • Assessment: Utilize Bryq assessments to gain deeper insights into candidate capabilities and fit for the role.

By utilizing the bulk actions feature, you can streamline your candidate management process, making it more efficient and effective.

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