Integrating Bryq Test with Worklife Recruit

Worklife Recruit allows you to integrate the Bryq test to streamline your recruitment process. Follow the steps below to add, activate, or deactivate the Bryq test API key.

Accessing the Bryq Integration

  1. Navigate to Integrations:

    • Log in to your Worklife Recruit account.

    • Click on the gear icon in the top navigation bar to access the settings menu.

    • Select the Integrations option from the menu.

  2. Adding the Bryq API:

    • In the Integrations section, locate the Bryq integration.

    • Click on the Activate button.

    • Enter the API Key provided by Bryq.

    • Click Integrate to add the Bryq API to your account.

Activating the Bryq Integration:

  • After adding the API, the Bryq integration is activated.

  • The integration is now active, and you can start using Bryq tests within your recruitment process.

Deactivating the Bryq Integration:

  • If you need to deactivate the Bryq integration, you can do so easily.

  • Navigate back to the Integrations section.

  • Click on Deactivate button next to the Bryq integration.

  • The integration is now deactivated, and Bryq tests will no longer be available for use.

Managing Bryq Integration

Once the Bryq integration is activated, you can manage and utilize it as part of your candidate assessment process. This includes sending Bryq tests to candidates and reviewing their results directly within Worklife Recruit.

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