Filter candidates for a job

You can filter the candidates for a specific job by clicking on the Filter candidates tab at the Manage candidates for a job screen, as shown below:
The filter candidates screen is split in to panes:
The left pane contains the filtering options and the right pane the candidate list that meets the selected filtering criteria, as shown below:
The available filtering criteria are:
  • Work experience duration
  • Management experience duration
  • Employment status
  • Type of experience
  • Management level
  • Executive type
  • Employer name
  • Job title
  • Area
  • School type
  • Degree type
  • Languages
  • Tags
  • Pipeline stage
You can also sort the results by the following options:
  • Relevance (available only when a search phrase exists)
  • Newest applications first
  • Biggest average match score
  • Better evaluation
  • Smallest distance for job location
  • Oldest first
  • Longest work experience
  • Shortest work experience
  • Highest education level
  • Longest per employer experience
  • Shortest per employer experience
  • Longest management experience
  • Shortest management experience
  • Highest management level
  • Lowest management level
  • Employed first
  • Unemployed first
  • More foreign languages