Manage candidates for a job

You can manage all the applications, from all sources (resume upload, career site, job mailbox) for a specific job by clicking to the job title from either the application's home page or the Jobs page, both accessible from the top navigation bar.

Basic job information

  • Basic information about the job such as Title, location, department, organization name, mailbox address (only shown if the mailbox for the specific job is enabled).

  • The job's direct web address plus the following statistics: Number of views, visitors and applications received through the career site for the specific job (only shown if the job is published to the career site).

  • The Upload resumes button for uploading resumes to the specific job.

  • A menu button for more actions on the specific job: Enable/disable job mailbox, Publish/Unpublish job from the career site, edit job and Download applications in Excel format.

Pipeline stages

Pipeline stages are an easy way of organizing candidates within a specific job. The defaults are Shortlist, Phone, Interview, Offer, Hired but you can easily add or remove stages at the Application settings screen.

The pipeline stages are displayed in the Manage job's candidates screen, immediately above the candidate list and view panes, as shown below:


By clicking to a pipeline stage you can view all the candidates in this stage.

Candidate List

At the left pane, the list of candidates for this job. The list contains the following info for each candidate: Photo (that is automatically captured from the resume, if exists), full name, most recent job title, most recent company (if he/she still works there) and the date the candidate applied for the job.

You can also perform a full-text search on all candidates' resumes and you can also change the sort order of the candidates. The default sort option is by Match Score. Other options are:

  • Newest applications first

  • Biggest match score

  • Better evaluation

  • Smallest distance for job location

  • Oldest first

  • Longest work experience

  • Shortest work experience

  • Highest education level

  • Longest per employer experience

  • Shortest per employer experience

  • Longest management experience

  • Shortest management experience

  • Highest management level

  • Lowest management level

  • Employed first

  • Unemployed first

  • More foreign languages

Candidate view

By clicking on the name of a candidate in the candidate list, a detailed Candidate view is displayed on the right pane.

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