Manage templates

Τemplates save you time and effort. Reuse them any time - for creating job openings and sending emails to candidates. Polish your content and add some personality to your templates to engage your audience and level up your communication strategy.

How to create a question?

Click on the following:

  1. Settings⚙️

  2. Manage templates

  1. Create template

A template has the following attributes:

  • Type

    • Job

    • Email body

  • Language

At the moment Worklife Recruit supports english and greek.

  • Template title

  • Template text

How to use a job template

Click on:

  1. Jobs

  2. Create a job

  1. Select template

After you select the job template, you’ll see the title and description filled with information.

How to use an email template

You can either send the email to one or multiple candidates; here’s a sample workflow for sending an email to multiple recipients.

  1. Click on a specific job

  2. Click on the bulk action option and then send email

  1. Select the email template

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