Pipeline stages sets

Managing Pipeline Stages Sets

The Pipeline Stages Sets section allows you to manage, create, edit, and delete pipeline stages. This feature helps you tailor the recruitment process for different job positions by customizing the pipeline stages according to your needs.

Default Pipeline Stages

  • Suggested Stages:

    • The default pipeline stages set includes suggested stages.

    • You can rename, add, or remove these stages to suit your recruitment process.

Custom Pipeline Stages

  • Creating Custom Pipelines:

    • You have the option to create custom pipeline stages sets.

    • These custom pipelines can be assigned to different job positions, allowing you to adjust the pipeline stages according to the specific requirements of each job.

How to Manage Pipeline Stages Sets

  1. Access Pipeline Stages Sets:

    • Click on the gear icon in the top right corner.

    • Navigate to the Pipeline Stages Sets area in your Worklife Recruit account.

  2. Editing the Default Stage:

    • Click on the default stage set to view the suggested stages.

    • Rename, Add, or Remove Stages:

      • To rename a stage, click on edit icon on the options and enter the new name.

      • To add a new stage, click the Create pipeline stage button and enter the stage name.

      • To remove a stage, click the Delete button icon you want to delete.

  3. Creating Custom Pipelines:

    • Click on the Create Pipeline stages set button.

    • Define Stages:

      • Enter the name for your custom pipeline and Save your changes.

      • Add stages by clicking on the name of the stage you create and entering the stage name. Repeat to add more stages

    • Assign to Job Positions:

  4. Deleting Pipelines:

    • To delete a pipeline stages set, click the Delete button next to the set you want to remove. Confirm the deletion to finalize the action.

Benefits of Custom Pipeline Stages

  • Tailored Recruitment Process:

    • Customizing pipeline stages allows you to create a recruitment process that best fits the needs of each job position.

  • Improved Organization:

    • Managing different pipeline stages for various positions helps keep the recruitment process organized and efficient.

  • Flexibility:

    • Easily adapt to changes in your recruitment strategy by editing existing stages or creating new ones as needed.

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