Recommended candidates for a job
When you create a new job you can get automatic recommendations for existing candidates that have applied to other jobs. This is done by clicking on the Recommended candidates tab at the Manage candidates for a job screen, as shown below:
The screen is split in to panes: The left pane contains the filtering options and the right pane the candidate list that contains recommended candidates for the job, as shown below:
The available filtering criteria are:
    Work experience duration
    Management experience duration
    Employment status
    Type of experience
    Management level
    Executive type
    Employer name
    Job title
    School type
    Degree type
    Pipeline stage
You can also sort the results by the following options:
    Relevance (available only when a search phrase exists)
    Newest applications first
    Biggest average match score
    Better evaluation
    Smallest distance for job location
    Oldest first
    Longest work experience
    Shortest work experience
    Highest education level
    Longest per employer experience
    Shortest per employer experience
    Longest management experience
    Shortest management experience
    Highest management level
    Lowest management level
    Employed first
    Unemployed first
    More foreign languages
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