Copy a Candidate

Steps to Copy a Candidate

  1. Select the Candidate:

    • Browse through the left list of candidates.

    • If you need to copy more than one, check the box next to the candidates you want to copy and use the bulk action.

  2. Initiate Copy Action:

    • In profile area, from action buttons click on the copy/move.

    • A dialog box will appear prompting you to select the destination job position.

    • Choose Destination job choose the target job position from the list.

    • Select Stage from the dropdown menu.

    • Select Copy from the actions.

    • Click Copy to complete the action.

    • The candidate will be copied to the selected job position.

Additional Tips

  • Multiple Selections:

    • You can select multiple candidates to copy them in bulk action.

Benefits of Copying Candidates

  • Efficient Management:

    • Streamline your candidate database by easily transferring candidates between different job positions.

  • Increased Flexibility:

    • Adapt to changing recruitment needs by coping candidates to the most relevant positions.

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