Add questions to a video interview

Once you have created a video interview you can add questions to it. Go to Manage video interviews screen and click the name of the video interview you want to add questions to.

Click the Create video question button as shown below:

You will need to fill the following information about the question:

  • Question text, enter the text of the question

  • Additional instructions, you may optionally provide the candidate with additional instructions on how to answer the question.

  • Maximum duration of answer, select the maximum duration of the answer.

  • Maximum number of takes, select the maximum number of video takes the candidate can record ao the can eventually select the best one.

  • Time to think, if this option is selected the candidate will see the question text only when they click the Show question button. When this button is clicked a timed countdown begins. When the countdown ends the recording starts automatically.

  • Rank, select the rank of the question.

  • Question in video format, you may optionally record a video version of the question that the candidate will view in addition to the question text. You may also upload a pre-recorded video that you already have.

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